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 TC-500 Thermocouple Vacuum Instrument

Instruction Manual


1. Specifications

Power : 9 Volt Battery or 9V Adapter 
6 ma Current Draw Max.
Size : 5.75" H x 3.60" W x 1.30" D
Weight : 0.82 lbs.
Display : 0.7" 4 Digit Liquid Crystal Display
Battery Life : Up to 180 hours on a 9V Alkaline Battery
Warm Up Time : 15 Seconds
Tube Type : DV-6M or DV-4D
DV-6M Tube  
Usable Range : 1 - 1000 microns
Best Range : 10 - 200 microns
AC Drive Voltage : 0.38 VDC
DV-4D Tube  
Usable Range : 0.01 - 20 mm Hg.
Best Range : 0.2 - 5 mm Hg.
AC Drive Voltage : 0.32 VDC
Warranty : One Year for parts and labor


2. Installing

2.1 Unpacking and Inspection

    Inspect the shipping container for external damage. After unpacking, Inspect the instrument for any shipping damage. If visible damage exists, a claim should be filed with the carrier. If anything is missing from your order contact:

Included with each TC-500 is:





2.2 Thermocouple Tube Installation

    Situate the gauge tube in a clean, dry vacuum system. Ideally the open end should point down so as to be self-draining should any vapors condense in it. Thread metal tubes into 1/8" female NPT threads. For best accuracy the tube to outgas in the vacuum system for approximately 24 hours before operating with the vacuum gauge.

2.3 Final Installation

    Install a 9V alkaline battery into the back of the unit or install the optional AC power adapter. The adapter plugs in to the "9V" connector on the side of the unit.









3. Operation

    If the TC-500 is being used with a DV-4D thermocouple tube, the tube type switch on the side of the unit should be set to 4D. For a DV-6M thermocouple tube, set the switch to 6M. Connect the Thermocouple cable to the Controller and the TC tube being used. Turn the unit on with the power switch on the side. For the first 2 seconds the BAT indicator will blink and the percentage of batteries life will be displayed. After the battery check, the unit will display the vacuum reading from the tube. It might take a few seconds for the tube to stabilize. This is normal.










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